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(Quantum Healing Session)

“Wow! My session With Geri was so powerful!!

I was feeling a touch lost and looking for my next steps as I had hit what felt like a plateau in the development and launch of a business idea. I had also recently admitted to myself that it felt like there was something in my way, something holding me back from screaming about it from the rooftops. That something stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t find a logical explanation here.  I sat with what it was and eventually I identified that it was a feeling in my body. It was a feeling of restriction in my throat and chest area. It felt like fear, but was seemingly irrational. Why would I feel fear in my throat?

After a very relaxed call with Geri Li, she recommended I consider a Quantum Healing and it was exactly what I needed. Within a few short weeks of the hypnosis I feel like a different person. There have been a few powerful shifts and I am certain that the session helped me on my way again. 

Geri guided the session perfectly; she is a masterful steward in this line of hypnosis. I felt completely safe throughout even though my session took me on a particularly challenging journey. I now understand I held a fear of speaking my truth. I knew of the theory that wounding from our past lives could be carried forth within us, so I was open to exploring this further. I am so grateful to Geri as she has allowed me to access a new level of self-awareness, a “soul awareness” if you like. If this fear arises now, it’s less paralyzing and I choose to transmute it with love and compassion. 

Opening myself up to the magic found in the Quantum field has been a deeply rewarding experience and a natural progression in my healing journey. If you are looking to understand yourself on a deeper level, unlock blockages and allow a more natural flow of energy and healing into your human, then look no further than Geri. 

Thank you for your wisdom, healing and intuitive guidance, I’ll definitely be back for more!”

Ray Healey

My consultation with Geri was amazing!
Geri clearly has a very in depth knowledge of Ayurveda. My consultation was very professional, she took such time and care in completing a plan with me to move forward with. I have suffered with multiple chronic illnesses for many years now and I have tried countless amounts of medications, operations and therapies all with little to no success. I have never been filled with such hope and shown such understanding towards my personal medical circumstances before, it actually made me quite emotional and changed my mind set going forward. Thank you Geri for your great care and attention to detail. I look forward to seeing how this can improve my quality of life in the future

Yasmin Thorne

My consultation was amazing! Thank you so much for all of time and energy you put into creating a plan for me, I did not expect such detail. The way you put it all together into easy, understandable pieces is going to make it feel effortless to begin adding Ayurveda into my life. In fact I have already started doing a few things that you suggested without even shopping for anything!
What a great resource, I would never have had a starting point without your guidance! The whole experience was such a pleasure.

April Miller

I had a consultation with Geri and was very impressed. I have a very basic knowledge about Ayurveda and found she kept things quite simple but informative at the same time.
Her consultation paperwork was pretty in depth and i found all the information/suggestions she made were attainable and simple to do.
She's very friendly and it was like talking to a friend instead of a stranger, I highly recommend her and her services :)

Donna-Jo Pouwhare

Geri has been really quite transformative in my understanding of how my diet and my lifestyle impact my energy levels and health. I wanted to see Geri as I sometimes suffer with low energy. I've had a lifelong battle with eczema on my hands, and face. I'm an ultra runner so demand a lot from my body and I need it to repair quickly from intensive training. 
Geri built on my (basic) understanding of Ayurveda with such clarity and professionalism. Her gentle and friendly approach and wise lines of inquiry left me not only at ease, but clear on how lifestyle and diet interact for my own personal body type - i never had such a personalised holistic consultation before. Feeling really grateful!

Ella Wiles

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Thank You Thank You Thank You Geri for taking me on a journey into the wonderful world of Ayurveda! I absolutely loved the five sessions and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your online community! I have learned so much about myself along the way and have certainly enhanced my mind-body connection through implementing Ayurvedic practises (and completing your weekly tasks)! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to delve into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda :) Your sessions were so brilliantly delivered, easy to digest, and super interesting! Thank you for all of your support! Namaste :)


I’ve come away with so much more knowledge and awareness than I ever thought I would! 5 weeks was perfect, there was a lot of info given but not overwhelming! Geri presented each week beautifully and created a social space/platform for those on the course to share thoughts, meals & emotions! We got given weekly experiments & assessments to do which really helped with the body & mind relationship. Everything made so much sense and it’s absolutely changed my daily routine, habits & I’m getting there with the food! It’s a lifetime practise but I feel like Geri has given me a solid foundation to carry on learning. She was always there when I needed to ask a silly question or 2 :) Best part is she sent us the presentations after so we can look over the info given and revise.


Geri at Wholesome Ayurveda shared a really fascinating 5 week course on the introduction to Ayurveda and how we can bring it into our lives. It is a vast, yet fascinating topic that will take time to fully grasp. I am feeling more mindful of the food I eat, taking more time and pleasure in food preparation. I’m thrilled to have taken part and to allow my yoga practice to be shared with Ayurvedic daily routines to help create a happy, healthy and calm life. Thank you Geri.