Meet online for an in depth 60 minute one-on-one consultation. I will do a tongue, eye and body analysis to help determine where current imbalances may lie. We will discuss your current health and past health, look at what your health goals are, and take a look at what your current diet and lifestyle is like. You will get a personalised programme to help you achieve your health goals.

Programme recommendations consist of a combination of lifestyle, diet, breathing, meditation techniques, yoga and Ayurvedic herbs. We can discuss which recommendations you wish to prioritise at the beginning of the consultation. 

If are a student or in special circumstances please contact me for a discounted rate.

Image by Lindsay Moe

Geri has been really quite transformative in my understanding of how my diet and my lifestyle impact my energy levels and health. I wanted to see Geri as I sometimes suffer with low energy. I've had a lifelong battle with eczema on my hands, and face. I'm an ultra runner so demand a lot from my body and I need it to repair quickly from intensive training. 
Geri built on my (basic) understanding of Ayurveda with such clarity and professionalism. Her gentle and friendly approach and wise lines of inquiry left me not only at ease, but clear on how lifestyle and diet interact for my own personal body type - i never had such a personalised holistic consultation before. Feeling really grateful!

Ella Wiles - UK


My consultation was amazing! Thank you so much for all of time and energy you put into creating a plan for me, I did not expect such detail. The way you put it all together into easy, understandable pieces is going to make it feel effortless to begin adding Ayurveda into my life. In fact I have already started doing a few things that you suggested without even shopping for anything!
What a great resource, I would never have had a starting point without your guidance! The whole experience was such a pleasure.

April Miller - USA


I had a consultation with Geri and was very impressed. I have a very basic knowledge about ayurveda and found she kept things quite simple but informative at the same time.
Her consultation paperwork was pretty in depth and i found all the information/suggestions she made were attainable and simple to do.
She's very friendly and it was like talking to a friend instead of a stranger, I highly recommend her and her services :)

Donna-Jo Pouwhare - New Zeland