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Is Anyone Else Feeling Autumnal Magic In The Air?

Hope you are keeping grounded and well. We have well and truly shifted into Autumn as October is now here. Autumn is most definitely my favourite time of year and am loving the crisper cooler mornings It always feels like there's a slight magic in the air as the leaves shift from green-to red-to yellow-to brown and things go into hibernation (including ourselves!) It's a time that energy is drawn inwards, and start to sit and contemplate the year so far (and boy oh boy what a year it's been!) I feel a lot of you would agree that this has been a year of nothing but EVERYTHING! We are not in the same world as we were at the start of the year. FYI I am going to talk about this through a spiritual lens vs a COVID lens. As you know, Ayurveda is about mind body and spirit so this newsletter is touching more upon the spiritual side of life!

Mother Gaia

The universe has elevated and changed dramatically over the course of this year, and we as humans are evolving each and every second to match the new frequencies that Mother Gaia (aka the universe) has upgraded to. This shift to the 5D started in 2012 and can be said to have been completed on the 22nd September 2020, the day of the Autumn Equinox. For those of you who are like ‘huh what’, bear with me! I am talking about the energy shift of the planet rising to a higher level of consciousness, meaning we are now vibrating at a higher frequency. 3D Frequency: a frequency a lot of the collective (humans) are living from which is associated with stuck habits and emotions, repetitive patterns, addictions and self-destructive behaviours. 5D Frequency: is not that! It is the elevated you, the true you, the you without the layers that are holding and restricting you from being your highest self. To fulfil our Dharma, (life's purpose) we have to come out of the 3D, where we live in our shadows, and elevate to the 5D which is full of the gifts of life. As Mother Gaia shifts, us humans have to shift to match the new frequency. Otherwise we will stay stuck in a cycle of stumbling upon ourselves, repeating the same mistakes and lessons over and over again, and life will seem like a constant battle. I’m sure you’ll all agree 2020 has been a HUGE challenge for us all in a multitude of ways. But in a way we can see this as Mother Gaia giving us a massive shake, to bring to the surface our traumas and things we have been hiding from to be healed and accepted. This is so we can elevate into the highest versions of ourselves and fulfil our Dharma's. However, I know at this point in time, you may be feeling more like the picture below...(!)

So How Do We Elevate Our Beings Into The New Density?

Well a massive part of that is by purifying the body. Obviously being completely ‘pure’ is not an attainable thing. It is something we can strive for but ultimately, at this point in time, it is about removing toxins from the body, unwanted emotions, traumas and mental patternings that are keeping us stuck in a lower density.

To remove these layers is like peeling back an onion. We need to truly look at ourselves, and understand ourselves from a place of deep knowing and understanding. The best way to do this is through observation of self, and Ayurveda is all about self-observation.

  • Observation of your body. How does it feel, what is it telling you? Creating a bio-feedback loop with your body and mind rather than your body being a disconnected vehicle from your mind.

  • Observation of your mind. Is your mind working through the true you, or is your ego running your thoughts and mind?

  • Observation of your diet. Is food agreeable or disagreeable?

  • Observation of your lifestyle. Is it supportive or unsupportive?

  • Observation of your habits. Again, are they supportive or unsupportive?

It’s about taking a step back and witnessing your life from an outer perspective so that you can truly see what is working for you and what is limiting you or holding you back.Ayurveda has so many great tools for this, from the way we talk about food through an experiential process rather then it being through calories and micro/macro nutrients. Through feeling into our bodies and feeling emotional within them. Through movement and yoga and questioning what does conscious movement feel like?

There are so many tools you can dive into within Ayurveda. Not everything is going to resonate with everyone, but there will be something within Ayurveda that resonates with you, because ultimately, it is a practice from the heart and we all have a heart

So, are you ready to upgrade your body and your life? There has never been a better time to dust the inner cobwebs which creates new space, new excitement and new opportunities all round. This is your time to be lighter and freer. We have to witness the old to be able to clear space for the new.

If any of that has sparked an inkling of intrigue within then come and start your journey! I have some openings in October for my 6-week programmes, each tailor made and unique to you. Working together for a longer period is the best way to understand Ayurveda and how to bring it into your life for good. Ayurveda is a way of life, not a FAD or a quick fix but something that will be in your toolbox for life, and a practice you can come back to over and over again. Got a question or want to chat? Then hit reply to this or slide into my DM's. I'd be more then happy to answer any questions

"I never thought I'd be the girl soaking mung beans, but I am feeling so much fresher, lighter and more in turn with myself through the recipes and guidance Geri has given me." ~ Jordanne, 6 week programme client.

Sending All The Love & High Frequencies Your Way Much Love, Geri xx

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