I'm Geri.

We get catapulted into this crazy world as precious perfect beings and then life happens. And for the most part we lose our way. We lose our innate nature, our truth, we forget our gifts, we become monochrome instead of vibrant and we dull ourselves down to fit in. 

This very much happened to me. I was a very lost human up until my mid(ish) twenties. I was ‘doing’ life, not ever living or ‘being’ which led me to go further and further out of balance. There was an internal void within me and I was living in a state of numbness. An emptiness, a sadness, a loss of connection within myself which caused anxiety, depression and disordered eating. These intangible issues resulted in tangible issues of autoimmune conditions and IBS which no doctor could help with as it stemmed from a deep place of unexpressed emotions and a discombobulated childhood. 

The journey I've been on has taught me a lot about the disconnected state the majority of this world is living in, and the grey cloud it can leave lingering over us. It saddens me to see people living as a fraction of who they truly are - in addictions, in destructive cycles, in unhappy relationships, in pain, ageing before their time, living an unsupportive life style. For the most part they think that that is how life is meant to be lived and don’t question what a different reality could be. If you are here though, I’m sure you have questioned this and that might be precisely why you are here...

I blend the science of Ayurveda with my caring nature, intuitive gifts and energy healing to help you get back to your unique state of being so you can live a life in wholeness and step into your personal power. Ayurveda has helped me heal my physical body, my emotional body and my soul which is the deepest and most profound healing we can give ourselves. It has opened my eyes wide to how we can live life in magic and change our lens and perception to how we see the world. It has helped me to fall in love with life again, to have compassion and a deeper love for myself and all those around me. It gave me the gift of falling in love with food again as I could see it through new eyes, and it has given me an understanding of what living life in balance feels like. This is a gift we should all be able to give ourselves.



Vedic Counselling, Ayurvedic Healing Institute (in training)  

Quantum Healing, mentored by Kate Deely

Mastering Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition, Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda

200HR Yoga Teacher Training, Blissology

BA Hons Fashion Design, Nottingham Trent University