How it all began...

I was drawn to Ayurveda because of the tongue. Might sound strange but the tongue is extremely fascinating and can give us a lot of information as to what is going on inside the body – it is a window to our internal organs, a concept I found fascinating when I first came across it.

I moved to China in 2017 which was a drastic shock to my body which I had not anticipated. I didn’t realise how much environment could throw you off – I experienced severe bloating for over 10 months, got skin issues that I had never had before and my digestion was extremely troubled.  I was constantly feeling ‘off’ but couldn’t pin point what was causing it. I started to notice a thick coating build up on my tongue, which no matter what, wouldn’t go away. During that time I discovered Ayurvedic tongue analysis. I had been introduced to Ayurveda in 2014 and dipped in and out of it but after discovering the tongue analysis I became hooked and started to read and research everything I could about it. It was an approach to health that really resonated with me as it all just made sense and it seemed very logical. I then took the steps to study and become an Ayurvedic Digestion specialist. Digestion had been something I had trouble with from a young age and when I was suffering with major digestive difficulties in China I wanted to learn something that could relieve me of the uncomfortable feelings bad digestion brings.

Ayurveda has transformed my life – big statement to make, but true. In my early/mid 20’s my relationship to food was at an all-time low. I was anxious about what to eat, felt completely helpless and just wanted somebody to educate me on what to eat for my body. I was suffering with strong food addictions which I couldn’t seem to overcome which made my anxiety go through the roof. I didn’t expect Ayurveda to have the profound effect it has on my relationship to food – it has made me fall in love with food again and I am SO thankful for that. Constant worrying is a burden, and now I'm not fixated on food, my mind is less occupied and I'm able to be more productive on what I want to be.

​Before Ayurveda I didn’t realise how bad my mind-body connection was. This is being talked about a lot more at the moment and it is such an important tool to have as when you’re tuned in with your body you can prevent yourself from getting ill, over exerting yourself, over eating, exhaustion – the list goes on. If you live in a big city I’m sure you may find this very hard; I certainty did as the energy in cities tends to be a constant GOGOGO and because of this I was living a lifestyle that was causing my body to go drastically out of balance. I always felt like I needed to constantly keep up with everything going on around me and never took the time to check in with myself. Through the practice of Ayurveda my mind-body connection has improved drastically and it is such a liberating feeling.

Nobody has a perfect diet, we have to remember that, but there are countless things we can do to make better decisions for ourselves everyday to help us remain in a balanced state. Through Ayurveda you can learn how to do this and build a stronger, more resilient body which is so important for prevention of disease and illness.​


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Mastering Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition, Joyful Belly School of Ayurveda
200HR Yoga Teacher Training, Blissology
BA Hons Fashion Design, Nottingham Trent University