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The decisions we make throughout life help flavour it. This can be a good flavour or a bad flavour. They teach us lessons and create who we are at this present moment. This gives us the ability to recreate who we want to be at any given time. Living life through the lens of Ayurveda can help aid this process, giving us the knowledge to make supportive decisions that can help enhance the flavour of our life. We can then dance our way to an abundance of health, internal freedom, joy and true happiness.


Why Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition with Quantum Healing?

Ayurveda sees all disease and illness stemming from the digestive tract, and therefore it is vital to have an understanding of this system if we want to live a long healthy life of vitality vs one of disease and illness. We are what we eat, or should I say digest, and therefore having an understanding of your digestive health and nutrition is going to set you up with strong foundations for good physical health. However, stopping there would be limiting you in reaching greater potential in your health and life. Health and healing is not limited to the body. It is related to the mind and spirit as well which Ayurveda looks at when determining one's health. 

When we look at healing these 3 layers simultaneously (mind, body and spirit), we can upgrade ourselves and our health in a deeper way than if we were to isolate each part. When we combine the science of Ayurveda with quantum healing, it adds another depth which supports and enhances the healing Ayurveda gives us. A lot of the time we may be limiting our ability to heal our health because of subconscious beliefs or programmes that are playing out in our life in an unconscious way. This is when we can look to quantum healing to address these not so tangible areas.

In the body, quantum healing is able to move blocked energy by working with the meridian lines and clearing channels for better energetic flow. Through working with universal energy in this process, DNA upgrades and dormant DNA is activated; you can think of this as upgrading your frequency (literally!). The clearer our channels and energy, the better we are able to vibrate at a higher frequency consistently which is beneficial if you strive to live in the light! 

When it comes to healing the mind and spirit through QH, we can look at fragmented soul aspect integration and QHHT (quantum healing hypnosis technique) to help heal across different time lines, such as past lives and ancestral wounds, access wisdom from the highest self, and re-integrate any parts of yourself that may have gone astray which can cause dysfunctional behaviours. This is healing done at a subconscious level guided by your highest self and assisted by my highest self. I use my gifts as an intuitive to guide both these processes.

By taking a focus on digestion and nutrition, which are the foundations for  living in a healthy body, and combining this with QH, we are fulfilling and nourishing ourselves from the very core and in all directions. Working this way gives us a deep understanding of ourselves and how we are meant to live which is where the magic begins! I look to grow and add to this methodology as I study to become a Vedic Counselor.  




Because if someone is unable to digest, assimilate and eliminate their food properly then they are going to create Ama in the body (this is the Ayurvedic term for toxins). Ayurveda views Ama as the root for all disease, therefore, all disease starting from the digestive tract. 


Ayurveda takes digestion very seriously and has ways to improve digestive strength which is known as Agni. With strong Agni, your body is able to digest food well and prevent Ama.

Strong digestion = Strong blood = Nourished body = Happy Healthy Person :)



This video is all about how to keep digestion strong and detoxify during challenging, stressful times. It was made as part of a project, to help support key workers during the coronavirus outbreak, as well as introduce people to a holistic approach to health. 

Key worker or not, this video has useful snippets of information on how to support your digestion from an Ayurvedic perspective, and will give you a base understanding of how Ayurveda works.


In this episode, I talk with Geri Li about Ayurveda. I have never heard Ayurveda described in such a simplified yet in-depth way. We talk a bit about Geri’s background as a pattern cutter in the London fashion scene to dealing with a parasite in China and using Ayurveda to heal her body. Covering all of the different Dosha's, and looking at what foods to eat, what parts of the body are affected, what seasons are associated with each and how to find balance in all of them. Geri also works with quantum healing, a type of healing that deals with energetics and patterns in our fragmented soul. We finish by touching on her perspective on the pandemic and how it has affected us so deeply.